Briefly About Our Company

The illustrious journey of our organization that begun on July, 2016 bolstered up with ample entrepreneurial skills and a remarkable ideology of ‘Art for Socio-economic Development’.

Rivotta Pvt. Ltd. is an extended vertical of “International Electronics & Communication Systems Private Limited’’(IECS) in 1991 and believes in bringing only the best business and products for our clients and customers, we put forth our collaborative and efficacious efforts in a coordinated and streamline manner that bestows a great social impact and inculcates conservation policies among our operational efficacies.

With an outlandish mindset that is collateral with industrious growth and social sustenance, Rivotta comes equipped with exclusive brands that are purely of native origin and bears the mark of supreme originality that makes them incomparable from others.

Our philosophy beset on Modern Trade contemplates to reach every corner of nation with the variety of leading products and commodities through our registered brand names that includes:

  1. Reddock
  2. Hawkerstown
  3. Rosana Art Gallery
  4. Exvoo
  5. Roonja
  6. Rthus

The roadmap of our success perches with innovation and simplicity that makes it easier for our customers to choose us. With an increased brand visibility and higher engagement as our proximate vision, we offer only the premium products and services to our clientele worldwide. Our renowned catalogue of products and services defines who we are and reflects our glory in an elucidative manner that is analogous to our accomplishments and your reviews.

Our Belief

Rivotta as an empowered organization believes in individuals getting hold of knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to obtain collective organizational success on a global scale

Our Incredible Team

Meet our greatest assets and the key differentiators who bring influential transformation in our work.

What our customers say