How we return to the Society

At Rivotta, we consistently believe in channelizing our resources in bringing an effective and appraisable change to the society. Working in conjugation with the local government and NGOs, we operate in a transparent behavior and strive to bring revolution in the numerous communities of our country. Sustainable environment, literacy, education and various other issues are addressed are our prime concerns. Along with this, preserving our national heritage, tradition, and culture is also our foremost social responsibility. We also work towards bringing employability and independence among the individuals by donating 1% of our earning in this regard. To create a long-lasting impression on the society and to bring a marked difference in its sustenance, we drive few social programmes that are deemed necessary and in accordance with the modern times.

Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply engraved in the morals and ethical standards of the company and is considered one of the key factors in the dual development of society as well as the organization. We undertake various projects and schemes to implement and initiate the quality-driven work towards society such as conserving vulnerable flora and fauna, supporting homeless old people and helping children suffering from Autism.

Our primary focus is on the strengthening of all various aspects that can be a powerful juncture in the evolution of the entire nation. Through our various community development programmes, we tackle various social issues, understand the need for people and develop a scalable structure that could be manipulated with the situation and requirement.