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Touch Screen kiosk deliver information to users, work as Interactive and bidirectional visual communication device. It not only serves as a source of information, but also facilitates accurate guidance. kiosks are the greatest interactive visual communication and information solutions because they give users a nice touch and feel along with information he actually required.

Kiosk simplify the process to deliver the correct and required information and comprehensive enough to eliminate the need for a consultant. users can utilise the information kiosk to search through various pages and find a variety of information. users can carry out a variety of operations by merely touching the screen. Touch kiosks allow the users to select the kind of information to be displayed, like nearby restaurants or activities, may be used as information points. The machine comes with pre-installed software. For continuous updates, it can be networked online.

Kiosk means to interact without the need for a live person to be there. Users can access the data they need and have it presented on the screen. These devices are frequently placed in prominent spots in order that everybody has easy access to important functions like your checkout and navigation. kiosk consists of a touch screen maintained in place by an outer shell or stand that is attached, as well as specific software depending on the function the kiosk will do. Touch screen kiosks are built with industrial-grade materials, giving them great levels of robustness to keep them safe in congested public spaces.

The use of kiosks varies depending on the needs of the user, and they are widely used for ticketing, queue management, information, self-ordering, and self-checkout.


Touch Kiosks are available in sizes 22", 27", 32", 43", 55", 65",75" and Customize size.

EXVVO-Android PCAP Touch Screen Kiosk 43"

43” Android PCAP Touch Screen Kiosks, All in One Touch Kiosk, Integrated Android Solution, 10 Point PCAP Touch, Surface Plasma Treatment, 450cd/m2 IPS Panel, 24/7 Commercial Use, Internal Locker, Rear Connections, Giant Tablet Styling, Touch Monitor and Windows OS Versions, Integrated Speakers, Touch CMS.

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