Rivotta is recognized as a Visual Communication Company & known for its diverse work, Versatile practice, & Specialised Products & Solutions in..... Audio Visual, Office Automation & IT Industry. Having rich experience of 32 years in the industry along with quality Analytic & through in-house integrated core team make us to deliver the Sustainable products of latest Technologies. Presence Pan India.


Rivotta surroundings relies on cutting-edge technology that is inventive and meets or surpasses clients' expectations. We believe in replicating ideas until we find the ideal product, technology, design concept, and strategy that satisfies our values, vision, and client needs. Each demand is then divided into the appropriate products and services, which are then meticulously designed and revised. We fully believe that "we are what we repeatedly do," thus we make it an effort to be the kind of integrator that you can rely on.


We Rivotta work as Audio-visual Integrators & Equipment supplier too and have strategic alliance with Indian and Global Brands and we use and represent their products in Audio Video integration & in making Indigenous products by using their fine and sturdy products.


Rivotta Private Limited is a manufacturer of a variety of digital signage products, including table top Android interactive displays in various sizes, horizontal and vertical stands, indoor & outdoor LED video walls, and digital interactive kiosks including notice boards and standees. Our area of expertise is modifying goods to meet the needs of the customer in terms of both hardware and software. These products are made by us from premium-grade raw materials that we purchase from dependable market suppliers and are made with quality control, fixed manufacturing parameters in accordance with norms and guidelines to produce a high-quality range of products with rich in design, quality, finish, and made to last for years.


Rivotta is having rich & Wide experience in the IT, Office Automation products and AV products and its integration since 1991.We are Distributors & Representative of various Products & companies and strategic alliance with other brands in India for Selling their products, using them in integration and for our manufacturing unit to make the products in our own Brand by the name EXVVO . Focus is to expand the current business through Enterprise business and through Government and to expand the product line in India.


Rivotta is always known for sustainability, Optimisation, Uniqueness & Liveability.

Our Values

The core values of our organisation are Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, and Integrity. These values support our careful efforts to fulfil our purpose and vision.
It is the way we carry out our work, engage with others, and inspire self-assurance in our customers.

Our Vision

The purpose of our company is to enrich people's lives and aspirations every single day. We rely on our nation's potential, resources and uniqueness because of our larger community reach.

Our Mission

To establish connections with the top brands, professionals, and young people in the world; to encourage them to be leaders and innovators; and to increase their productivity and success.
To promote investment, encourage innovation, improve skill development; to safeguard intellectual property; and to create world-class manufacturing infrastructure in the nation.


Rivotta has prioritised this since its inception. "Responsibility" with a will to find the best way to be considerate to people and the environment A quality product or solution combined with an analytical mindset helps to raise project and organisational values. We consider the long term while planning development strategies and work to apply designs to practical circumstances. A thorough comprehension of human life and culture, in our opinion, should serve as the foundation of our work. We constantly push ourselves to develop into the top company & fostering global advancement

Sammit Kumar Mansharmani




Amit Sahija


A great and wonderful business platform has been provided by Rivotta for starting my enterprise

Mohit Kumar


Experienced a great working environment with your clear and simplified solutions

Gaurav Madan

Vice President

The strong analytical tactics and exceptional understanding of business models has helped in delivering effective solutions that has exceeded our expectations.

Priya Kumari


I'm impressed with the level of expertise displayed by the Audio Visual Company. They provided outstanding audio and visual equipment for our conference, making it a resounding success. Thank you!

Aditya Sambhy


Excellent service! The audio and visual setup provided by the Company for our event was top-notch. The team was professional and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience. Highly recommended!