AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract)

AMCs Protect customer investments in products, ensure against unplanned downtime, and guarantee that they will always have a service professional within arm’s reach. As a service provider, AMCs help you plan what your years’ service schedule will look like, estimate how many techs you need, and ensure that your products run smoothly for years & sets expectations for the ongoing maintenance of Equipment.

Annual maintenance contract is a great way to cover basic service on products, a comprehensive service contract (CMC) covers any additional spare parts, labour, or transportation costs that come up for techs while servicing those products. A non-comprehensive agreement will only cover the services themselves—any other expenses like any component failure that might come up during the process are the customer’s responsibility.

Benefits of having an annual maintenance contract - Higher Quality of work, Efficient & planned timelines, Regular maintenance plans & gain the commitment you need to guarantee continuous uptime of your Equipment.

Annual maintenance contract ensures that the service provider will repair and maintain the products sold to the customer to minimize the consequent impact on downtime or irregularities in ensuring business continuity. The contract would detail information like what equipment was covered, how often maintenance would be done, and what the costs of maintenance would be.

Comprehensive contracts often cost more than an normal AMC. To get maximum coverage, many businesses will choose CMCs over AMCs, though AMCs require less commitment on the service provider side. Several extraneous offerings can be covered under the contract, such as transportation, replacement parts etc. CMC is always better to choose to pay more to have transportation and replacement parts included within the contract, rather than separately billed.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) require a bit more involvement and costly in comparison to Non Comprehensive Contract but definitely CMC is the best bet for customer. so ensure that you consider that when writing the contract. AMCs and CMCs will help give your office equipment longevity and secure ongoing work for your team.

Service providers gain a deeper understanding of their client’s ongoing support requirements. Companies build better, longer-lasting relationships and create better contracts when service techs know how often equipment downtimes occur, how many visits they have to do on average, and what kind of needs the client has.

Rivotta offers different ways to choose to structure annual and comprehensive maintenance contracts. The most common types of AMCs are Non Comprehensive / Comprehensive Maintenance Contract. In specific industries like Office Automation, Information Technology (IT) and in Audio Visual AMCs are certainly more prevalent than others for smooth running of business.

Get started with AMCs today…. We take AMC for below mentioned products of any brand…..
Interactive Flat touch Panel
Commercial Display
Interactive Kiosk
Digital Lectern / Podium
Digital Notice Board
Video Conferencing
PTZ Camera
Wireless Presenter
Multifunctional Printers

Office Supplies

Office supplies are frequently forgotten yet are quite important. Every employee should have access to the appropriate and essential tools to enable productive and effective work.

Every organisation needs to consider the kinds of equipment that will enable its personnel to do their duties effectively. Office supplies make it easier to manage office-related chores and get things done on a daily basis.

High-quality equipment benefits your business's reputation as well as your staff. Clients and business partners receive a favourable message when the office is properly stocked.

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